10 Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas

Are you in charge of planning a bridal shower and have no idea where to start? Well you have come to the right place. Even if you are not interested in the theme we have chosen, you will learn the essentials for throwing a bridal shower event. Read on to create the perfect day for your Bride-to-Be!


For this bridal shower we combined a few ideas for the theme. We utilized inspiration from eucalyptus, flowers, as well as  macrame and blended it all with a bit of elegance. 

Treat Table:

Treat Table set up: Wood backdrop, wood table, 4 large candy filled glass jars in the middle with L-O-V-E letters on each jar, double tiered bundt cake, bundtinis, cake pops, & custom decorated cookies.

Note: Some pictures are missing the bundtinis as they were delivered a little late.

Table Treat Decorations:

Table and Backdrop: The wood table and backdrop were handmade by the Bride-to-Be’s father. The table was constructed as a folding table with pull out legs to make it easier to transport

Balloons: Balloon pack was purchased on Amazon, but we would not recommend purchasing any Balloon Arch kit without 18 in balloons. It took a very long time to blow up the balloons and we still did not have enough to wrap around the top and sides, so we had to settle for balloons only on the top of our backdrop. The extra large balloons help spread all the balloons out. We recommend the following kit on Amazon that is only $2 dollars more than the kit we used. (Link is also below).

Tip: Look for an electric air balloon pump at the 99 Cent Store. We found one for $10. It works amazing. If you can’t find it at your local 99 Cent Store, the same pump is on Amazon. (click link for info)

Table Treats: For the glass jars we have- watermelon taffy, Hershey Kisses (w/ Bride-to-Be stickers on the bottom of each candy), peanut butter cups, and Rolos. For the baked goods we have – Tiered bundt cake, bundtinis, custom made cake pops and cookies.

Table Decor: We decorated the table with a burlap table runner and white tulle down the middle. We topped the tulle with pink flower vines and eucalyptus leaves. The same flower vines were used to space out the macrame hanging curtain that we utilized as a table skirt for the front of the table. 

Also seen: burlap & lace utensil pouches, candle lanterns and pink glass candle holders. Last but not least, we of course had to include a treat sign “Love is Sweet, Please Take a Treat!”.

Center Pieces:

A lot of examples online for bridal shower events have long tables, a table runner and a few center pieces along the middle. We decided to try something different and have multiple tables with a simple and elegant look. We also wanted guests to be able to take the centerpieces home and enjoy them for longer than a few days, so we opted for artificial flowers. So to start, we teamed up with the bride to ask what color theme she was looking for and  went to work.

Centerpiece pot: We had 6 tables as well as a welcome table, so we needed 7 centerpieces total. A good tip is to always buy a couple more pots (vases, mason jars, lanterns, etc) in the event that there is an accident and one breaks. We checked online and saw that IKEA had a beautiful simple white ceramic pot for less than $5 and we were sold. Luckily we bought 9, because two chipped on the way home. 

Flowers and plants: For the flowers and plants, we bought the following in bulk bouquets and used wire cutters to cut them apart: eucalyptus, dusty miller, spring berry bush, baby’s breath, fountain grass, and mini boxwood bush. The flowers were purchased at Walmart (shown above) and as a bonus it had some plants included. Also purchased at Walmart was a couple of white rose bouquets. We also cut those apart and mixed them all together.

Creating the centerpiece: We mixed quite a few different flowers and plants, so in order to keep them in the ceramic pot, we used dry floral foam. We bought them in bricks and used our small saw the cut them down to size. The trick is to cut them a little larger than the inside of the pot, so it will not move. DO NOT try to jam too large of a piece into the pot because it can completely break the pot open. Once you have your dry foam inserted and sturdy, you can start mixing your flowers and plants.

Welcome Table:

Welcome Table:

We placed a Welcome Table at the entrance of the event so that all the attendees would see what we placed there.

Guest Book: To ensure the Bride-to-Be had all the guests names and addresses, a guest book was placed on the Welcome Table so that everyone would sign in as soon as they arrived.

Necklace Game: One of the games involved each guest wearing a necklace that we made, so the Welcome Table was a perfect place to set this up so everyone would start the event wearing one.


Present Table:

Present Table Setup:

Table: We spruced up a table that was already outside with a eucalyptus vine.  

Peacock Chair: Since we knew there would be tons of photos of the Bride-to-Be opening her presents, we made sure to have a beautiful chair for her to sit in. There are companies online that offer peacock chairs for rent (along with other types of chairs), but the majority of them are just the chair without any decorations and/or seating pillow. So we used the same flowers that we did for the centerpieces and threw in a little vine at the bottom the chair. We strategically placed the chair and present table in an area that would have a beautiful background and plenty of shade.

Games and Prizes:

Don't Say Wedding Game:

Don’t Say Wedding:

Necklaces: We purchased a bulk bag of fake diamond rings and attached them to a white ribbon necklace. As the guests entered, we had them all put on a necklace. The idea is to not say “WEDDING”, or someone can steal your necklace. The person with the most rings at the end of the party WINS!

Game Rules Sign: We used a green marker and created hand written instructions and framed them in a white washed frame.

Picture Guessing Game:

Picture Guessing Game:

Banner: We found a cute Bridal Shower Banner at Walmart for $5.47 and decided to make a game out of it.

Game: We asked the Bride-to-Be to send us a few photos of her and her fiancé at a special event and/or photos of them traveling. Out of these photos, 5 were chosen and placed into the banner slots. We then asked the guests to guess the location of the couple. 

Game Kits on Amazon:

Amazon Game Kit:

There are so many amazing game kits on Amazon if you want to save money and time coming up with games on your own. 

Amazon Kit Contents: 50 Advice for the bride cards, Bride-to-Be sash, 25 fake diamond rings and 5 games (50 cards each):

  • Do you know the bride? 
  • Bridal Pictionary
  • He Said, She Said
  • Over/Under
  • Bridal Bingo
  • Advice for the bride

Game Winning Prizes:

Game Prizes:

Prizes: We chose to use floral bags to fit the theme for the prize winners. Baskets are also very common.  

Contents: Typical Bridal Shower etiquette is self care prizes. While choosing your prizes, take into consideration your guest list and who will be attending when you are buying/creating your prize bags.

Party Favors:

For the party favors for our guests, we went with Amazon again. We found a nice party favor kit (that we had to put together ourselves) with a key bottle opener, twine, small candy box and tag that reads: The Key to Happiness is Love & the ability to open a bottle.

We filled the candy box with Haribo mini gummy bear bags and they were a hit!

Bow/Ribbon Bouquet:

Ribbon Bouquet

Bow/Ribbon Bouquet: Make sure to bring a sturdy plate with a pre-made hole in the middle and designate someone creative to gather all the bows from the presents to create a Ribbon Bouquet for the Bride-to-Be to have for her wedding rehearsal. 

Advice for the Bride:

Advice for the Bride: Make sure not to forget the ‘Advice for the Bride’ cards. A lot of Bridal Shower game  kits include these or you can find some on Etsy.

Advice Box: This box was purchased at Joanns

Additional Photos of Setup:

In Conclusion:

If you have a creative side, with time and planning, you can create a beautiful Bridal Shower without having to pay a professional party planner. Follow these basics and you will be the Bridal Shower Party Planner of the year!

Good luck and feel free to leave a comment or any questions below!

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